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Passionate about the science and benefits of medical cannabis.

Cannabis oil vialsMedical Cannabis Dispensary is South Africa’s leading online resource for medical marijuana. We are passionate about the proven benefits of cannabis oil, which has provided exceptional results to patients with serious illnesses, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

Through our decades of experience in cultivating and experimenting with the cannabis plant, we want to help patients achieve a better quality of life through by empowering them with knowledge and connecting them to reputable providers of the highest quality cannabis oil products rich in CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

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We provide education on cannabis oil and how to use it as an alternative to smoking medical marijuana. We champion wellness, not getting high, and want to remove some of the unfound stigmas surrounded cannabis. Our trained staff have in-depth knowledge of the various strains of cannabis and which type of product – including suppositories, tinctures, oils and balms – is right for your condition. Get in touch with any questions you might have or browse our FAQ.


 I started using the CBD tincture it works phenomenally well with his spasticity and his awareness. 
Theresa, mother of autistic child.

Since I started using the oil no pain tabs. I love the taste. I can taste aloe and flowers. 
Shannon, MS sufferer

 Many thanks and here’s to many more seizure-free days ahead. 
Jennifer, mother of a child with dravet syndrome.

I  had stage IV lymphoma (non hodgkins) after 6 months on cannabis oil I have been cancer free for 4 years.  I’m loving life!
Hylton, Cancer Survivor

Three months ago our 18 months old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia. Up until now we have been living in the hospital thanks to cannabis oil we are now able to go home.
Chavez, Cancer Parent

I was scheduled for surgery 5 months ago when I thought I would try the cannabis oil.  I no-longer need the surgery or the Cortisone.
Gareth, Crohn’s sufferer.