MCDSA Endorses Avana Cannabis Oil Products in South Africa

MCDSA endorses only the very best medical-grade cannabis oil products in South Africa. Avana products are exactly that; medical-grade cannabis oil concentrates made from organic buds/flowers only using the latest technology.

Avana Tinctures

Cannabis oil concentrate is mixed with a carrier liquid (MCT) to increase absorption. Tinctures are 1000mg (1:10) 350 drops per bottle and are available in THCTHCACBD & CBN.

Tinctures allow for micro-dosing, and where necessary are used to build up a tolerance to higher dosed capsules where necessary.

Avana Capsules

Capsules are pre-dosed with cannabis oil concentrate and mixed with MCT and lipids for better absorption. Capsules allow for precise dosing in .mg. Capsules are metabolized by the liver on the first pass and therefore are highly psychoactive. It takes time to develop a tolerance to high THC dosages. Capsules are available in THC or CBD.

Standard THC capsules are 50mg and 100mg.

CBD capsules are 100mg.

Special orders of varying dosages can be arranged and made on request.

Avana Suppositories

Cannabis oil suppositories are specially prepared for rectal use. Suppositories are the most effective method of absorbing high levels of THC cannabis oil without the psychoactive side effects.

High THC cannabis oil is allowed to enter the bloodstream before being metabolized through the mucous membrane, which is large and absorbent, resulting in high bioavailability and low psychoactivity. Suppositories are 250mg of THC. Special orders of varying dosages can be arranged and made on request.

Avana Topicals

A natural organic topical ointment for the treatment of skin conditions, arthritis, tendonitis and melanoma. The organic balm contains selected natural essential oils, including Coconut oil, Cannabis oil and Beeswax. The topical is available in both scented, for pain-related ailments, and unscented for skin-related ailments.

Disclaimer: Medical Cannabis Dispensary is unable to comment on cannabis oils products whose origins are unbeknown to us. We recommend reading about cannabis oil in South Africa before making any decisions.

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