Pain Related Ailments Treatment Guideline

This treatment guideline is to be used for products, cannabis oils, that are only endorsed by Medical Cannabis Dispensary. It is to be used for pain related ailments, including;

Most of the people we treat choose the cannabis oils we endorse over conventional western medicines that have let them down. No one likes to get high! If the oils are used correctly this can be avoided altogether.


Cannabis oils are best kept in the fridge when not being used. If this is not possible, store in a cool dry dark cupboard. The oils have a shelf life of many years.


For dosing using a tincture, do not dilute in water or juice. It’s easiest to accurately dispense the drops from a tincture into a teaspoon and then consume. Otherwise drop directly into your mouth.

CBD is bitter and if you are “uncomfortable” with, dislikes, the taste then you can take with a little honey to sweeten it.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) refers to Cannabis oil with a high content ratio of CBD which promotes general good health and well-being, benefits neurological disorders, and treats various ailments. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and effectively treats the pain associated with inflammation. CBD is not psychoactive, doesn’t get you ‘high’, but unlike the nutrient supplement Hemp CBD products sold at health shops, it has THC in it in order to render it effective. Without THC it is useless – also called the entourage effect.

Added Benefits of CBD Oil

CBD cannabis oil, taken alone, effectively treats the following conditions;

The medical cannabis CBD strain used in the CBD products MCD endorses is a 20:1 strain (CBD to THC).

Dosage: Start on 5 drops 3x a day. It’s always best to keep CBD in your system. If one is unable to dose 3x a day, twice will have to do.

THC Oil (Delta 9)

If you experience severe pain, you need THC and unfortunately
 THC can make you ‘high’. However, if you micro-dose using a 
tincture in drops, it will allow you to build up a tolerance over a 
short period of time (days). This will enable you to take the necessary 
dosages to deal with the pain. There is no one-size-fits-all
approach with THC cannabis oil dosing – it’s different for everyone. For
 most people 5 (10mg) drops per dosing achieve sufficient pain relief. Most, if not all 
people we help, have to get on with day-to-day life and can’t afford to be high.

The medical cannabis THC strain used in the THC products MCD endorses is a 12:1 strain (THC to CBD).

Dosage: Start on lowest recommended dosage, 2 drops, to be safe, and increase as you feel comfortable until the desire effect is reached. If you feel “high” or abnormal, decrease dosage and remain on same dosage for 72 hours before increasing it again. Dosing twice a day, morning and later afternoon, is normally sufficient. If you have trouble sleeping and you’re not using CBN as a sleep aid, then a third dosage before bed is advisable.

Although more convenient, only in extreme cases are higher dosed THC capsules necessary. Capsules start at 25mg (13 drops). Very rarely, only when all else fails, does MCD advocate vaping. Vaping will get you high but in extra-ordinary cases it can offer the much needed pain relief.


Another unfortunate side effect for those who suffer from pain is to have trouble sleeping. CBN in very small dosages will enable you to have a good night’s sleep.

Dosage: Start on 1 drop half hour before bedtime, it’s often sufficient. If the desired effect is not reached you can increase 1 drop at a time. Often less is more with CBN. Please be wary.


MCD’s topical of cannabis infused lotion balm and essential oils that are absorbed through the skin can be applied to painful aching areas. The topical is not always necessary but is optional extra for those wanting to use one.

We recommend using a topical, a starting dosage of:

Apply topical 3 x daily, a light coating to effected areas, allow to air dry before covering.

Our topicals are 1000mg of THC cannabinoid extract base combine with essential oils in a 30ml ointment jar.

Recommended treatment:

We recommend using a tincture, with starting dosage of:mcd cannabis oil tincture

  • CBD: 5 – 10 drops : 3 times a day.
  • THC: 2 – 5 drops : 2-3x daily. – Start on 2 drops 2-3x a day. Increase every as one feels comfort to do so and or every 48  to 72 hours by 1 drop per dosing. Most often, depending on how severe the pain is, pain relief is at 5 drops 2-3x a day. One carry’s on increasing as need be. This way one avoids getting high.
  • CBN: 1 – 5 drops : half an hour before bed. (Start on 1 drops its often sufficient.)
  • Topical: Although often not necessary one can apply a topical to affected areas.

Tinctures (1:10) are 1000mg of cannabinoid extract in 10ml MCT, 500+ drops per bottle (dropper top bottle). Each drop is 2mg.

MCD is unable to comment on “other” cannabis oils whose origins are unbeknown to us. We recommend reading about cannabis oil in South Africa before making any decisions.


MCD endorsed cannabis oils are all made from medical grade organic cannabis (flowers) only. The oils are processed in laboratory conditions using the latest technology similar, if not the same, equipment used in the legal states of America. Co2 based extraction cannabis oil is the latest, cleanest, toxin (solvent) free and most expensive extraction technique requiring specialised machinery. The entire process from soil to oil is controlled, after all what you put in is what you get out. The oils are not lab tested.

Side Effects

Everyone’s tolerance varies, rather be safe than sorry. Start low and increase dosages until desired dosage is reach. This way one avoids getting high altogether. If too much THC, THCA and or CBN oil is consumed too quickly a “high” or “stoned” feeling could be experienced, a general change in perception, euphoria (heightened mood), and an increase in appetite. Short term side effects may include a decrease in short-term memory, dry mouth, impaired motor skills, red eyes, and feelings of paranoia or anxiety. In the event of getting high it’s best to take a nap and sleep it off. The “feeling” will pass.


The information contained herein is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only.  You assume full responsibility for how you choose to use this information.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment. Talk with your healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.  Nothing contained herein is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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  1. I suffer from insomnia snd a neurologicall burning pain on the skib of my torso. Must I then take the drops and an ointment or a combo of drops. I also have ostio arthritus and had a heart attack 13yrs ago but since I had stent My heart is ok. Pleaae advise me what I should get the cost and how long they last often I will have to replenish them.

  2. Mag ek afrikaans gebruik Huidiglik neem ek urbinol 10mg cym gen 60mg stinox 12.5mg piascledine ek gebruik ook simbastatin 10mg en ekotrin 81mg nog steeds het ek pyn Is gediagnoseer met osteoarhiritis gebruik ook prexum 5mg plus Is geneig tot angstigheid

  3. I have neuropathy in my feet and knees and have very sore legs. The Dr I see that specialises in alternative has suggested acupuncture, he says ithat iso nerve damage after all the treatments. I have had about 50 chemo treatments in the past 14 years. The count is up again. They can’t operate and oncologist says just monitor it, due for a pets can in January. Mine is ovarian primary source, various bits and pieces removed. My daughter feels I should try the oil. Your reply would be appreciated.

    1. admin

      Please contact us using the contact form on the website. We will gladly respond appropriately. Thank you 😉

      1. Please assist i battle terribly with my sleep and anxiety. I need sleeping tablets most nights. When i dont sleep my fyromyalgia flares up. Im on the contraceprive patch evra. I often battle with hormone fluctuations which cause anxiety and night sweats nightmares and so the cycle begina. Pls adise

  4. My mother suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis and would like to try cannabis tincture for her arthritis. Which cannabis do you recommend?

  5. I have more than one problem at this very moment, using prescriptions just keeps you going. It is not only the problems I have mentioned, my legs is aching,high blood pressure and my wife is in the same boat.

  6. Ek het baie erge IBS gehad. Ek gebruik die olie nou vir ‘n maand lank. Ek gebruik 4 druppels elke oggend en elke aand. Ek kon die verskil binne 2 dae agterkom nadat ek die THCA begin gebruik het. Dit is vir my een groot wonderwerk! Dan het ek ook bietjie artritis en ek moet sê ek kan nie eers onthou wanneer my ou vingerjies gepyn het nie. Vir my is hierdie olie ‘n absolute moet dit h et rêrig my hele lewe verander!

  7. Good day

    I need something for pain relief.
    I had over 12 operations and with the last operation a nerve got damaged.

    In short nothing seems to help.
    I had several nerve procedures that cost me to much.

    I have a chronic regional pain syndrome that has a really bad impact on my daily activities as my pain level is really high.

    I am currently on morphine with lyrica and other medication and my pain levels doesnt deacrese at all. It also cause insomnia.

    Can u please make a recomondation for me.

    Kind regards

  8. As you have read in my emails I now ready to order the tincture oil for my severe neurological pain due to my diabetes and I suffer with hypertension.Please send me your banking details urgently I thank you.Mr Stanley Petersen.

  9. good day my mom has been taking statins for her cholestrol the side effects of this has caused her fingers to go numb as well as her arthritis to flare up, she is in constant pain, which canabis oil should she use and at what dosage, also what is the cost, we are from east london south africa

  10. Had 6 neck operations already and experience chronic pain for the last 50+ years. I use Simvacor, Serrappress (for restless legs) Ocuprost Opd, Epilizine, Oxpola and Tegretol. Can you poease advise me as to what you recommend as well as the cost thereof.

  11. My sister suffers from fybromyalga and I am a patient of adrenal failure. We both have ur different symptoms but eerie nce instant pain.

    Please advise whee I can purchase THC oil

  12. Wife is permanently in pain (9) very severe pain with fibromyalgia, bipolar-disorder, and asthma !!! All under control with meds (lots of meds) except the fibro, did discuss with psychiatrist and physician to try canabis oil , she recommend to try for 1 month. Would like to know the type, dose and cost.

  13. Hi,

    Sounds lilke this would help my Mum! She is 81 & has severe arthritis & is constantly in pain!

    Could you advise what I should buy for her?

    Thank you

    Judy Allard

      1. My husband had a Vitamin B injection and the nurse hit a nerve. He has experienced 3 weeks of extreme pain that nothing alleviates. He has had x-rays & blood tests – all negative. He is on painkillers and noninflammatory nerve drug.
        Nothing helps

  14. Hi,

    My wife was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromygilia , she has had Lups for about 20 years and found out 2 years ago she has fibromygilia,
    She has been on chronic medication for the last 20 years,
    She is now 45 years and is quit lucky that she only had a few bad incidents,
    but no damage to her organs but had Pancriatitus a few years ago due to medication she
    was given in hospital, methatraxide and Cortisone,
    If she uses Cannibas,
    how long will she have to use it
    how long before she start feeling the affects
    will this replace her current medication.
    How many bottles will she use for the month
    and what is the cost .

  15. Hi,
    My mom has hardening of the walls of her heart and also suffers from arthritis. Please advise which oil she should use.

    Many thanks

  16. My husband had a Vitamin B injection and the nurse hit a nerve. He has experienced 3 weeks of extreme pain that nothing alleviates. He has had x-rays & blood tests – all negative. He is on painkillers and noninflammatory nerve drug.
    Nothing helps

    1. admin

      Hi June

      Please contact us using the contact form on our website and we will respond appropriately.

      Thank you.

  17. Good day. I suffer from chronic pain as well as IBS and depression. None of the conventional meds seem to work. I heard about using cannabis tincture . can you please help me on how to get it and the use please. Would really appreciate the help as I am so tired and despondent with all the pain. Thank you so much.

  18. I have muscle spasms on the lower back of my body it’s causing severe pains.the doctor also said I have arthritis coz my limbs are also painful as well.can you suggest what can 8 use

  19. Hi,
    My name is Sharon, and I have had headaches since I was 16. Now a LOT older. Use to be able to rid of headaches with pain meds, but now seem to work. I hurt all day. My head is sore to touch, but yet
    feels better when I press on it hard. If the headache gets severe, I will have to go to sleep. I have also had 4 back surgeries since 2015. Surgery went from my tailbone up to neck. Still hurts!! Had scoliosis, stenosis and arthritis. My neck is so sore and stiff I can hardly move it. Can’t look up since the surgery. I would just like to know what oil I should take and how to buy the cannabis oil

  20. Hi, I have Gr4 Breast Cancer metastasis to the spine.
    I would like to buy some of your products/medication.
    How do I order.

    Kind Regards

  21. HI. I’m looking for oil for calming and extreme pain. How do I order, how much n how long will it take to get delivered. I am being operated this Thursday. I need one for fast recovery n overwhelming pain relief. Please.

  22. Good morning, thank you for your most informative reply to my enquiry. Together with normal chronic meds, OxyContin, Lyrica, Methotrexate, Prexum Plus Daily (since 2004 and Actemra (Biologicals) for last 3 years, etc weekly, been using CBD oil for some years now with better effect! I appreciate your suggestion of using your CBD Tincture as well as THC Tincture drops as my pain levels with normal meds hardly relieve pain levels and CBD oil making a difference.
    Please advise how I go about ordering both the CBD and THC tincture from you.

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