Medical cannabis oil testimonials


We always love to hear how medicinal cannabis has improved the lives of those who use it, so please do get in touch with us to share your experiences with different types of products. Please tell us what you used, for how long and for what condition.

Here are some of the amazing feedback shared by our network.

I started using the CBD tincture – it works phenomenally well with his spasticity and his awareness. 
Theresa, mother of autistic child.

Since I started using the oil, (I need) no pain tabs. I love the taste. I can taste aloe and flowers. 
Shannon, MS sufferer

 Many thanks and here’s to many more seizure-free days ahead. 
Jennifer, mother of a child with dravet syndrome

I can’t remember when last I needed a sleeping pill. I still feel my back from time to time and a big bonus is I started swimming again which is just wonderful.
Annelize, Pain

 Thank you so much. The oils have made an unbelievable difference for my mom’s pain.
Loren, Fibromyalgia

My mom’s looking so much better and started responding more as to when she was on the morpheme. Really a big help, thanks ;).
Author, Cancer; pain and nausea

 I have been suffering for 2 years, been on many medications and just nothing helps. The oils are definitely helping. Thanking you.
Julie, Pudendal nerve and Neuralgia

Couldn’t get through the day without the oils. Absolute life changer.
Beulah, Fibromyalgia

 I’m sleeping so well and do think my nasty aches are being kept at bay.
Nicol, Sleep, migraines

Shriya has improved her moods a lot. She’s definitely trying to communicate more.
Ishaan, daughter, Cerebral Palsy

 I have stage 4 cancer and whilst on the drops my lesions decreased from the average 19mm to 11mm. I feel like a million dollars!
Sheralee, Cancer stage 4

Pain and burning in feet now manageable.
Arthur, Neuropathy, Diabetes

 Your product is of high quality… I’ve tried some others prior to yours and I couldn’t feel a thing. I could feel relief from my anxiety with just 3 drops
Rasool, Anxiety

I just wanted to let you know that the drops are working well for my mom and is really helping her not feel the side effects of the chemo as much.
Louise, mum, cancer, chemo symptoms

 Just to let you know I started taking the oils a week ago and am sleeping better so far.
Barbara, thyroid

I have been suffering with pudendal nerve damage for over two years. I have had two never blocks and am on never block medication. The burning pain that has been constant has prevented me from wearing jeans and I live in track suit pants and dresses. Since going onto the CBD tincture the pain has been substantially relieved and I am able to wear jeans at least twice a week. I am grateful to have found this website and to the people who have enabled us to purchase CBD in South Africa.
Julie, Pudendal nerve damage

 About 5 – 6 weeks ago when I first consulted my Physician, he gave me a lung function test – my lung function was recorded at 62%. 3 weeks later (3 weeks ago) I went back to test my lung function again – This time it dropped to 57%. I then, in desperation, started using your CBD drops about 2 weeks ago. Today I’ve just had another test and achieved an 85% result. The doctor said he couldn’t believe it was the same person’s result!
Duncan, emphysema

The amended dosage seems to be working well for her and while progress is slow in as far as her gaining weight is concerned things are MUCH better than when we first contacted you and she seems to have a stable appetite now. Thank you again for making your product available to us!
Mienkie, mum, weight gain

 I must tell you that I am extremely happy with the products.  The inflammatory response has definitely dampened and I am sleeping about 6 hours per night.  It is a miracle in my eyes.
Norah, rheumatoid arthritis

I have been taking one drop of the oil before bed and I have found that I am sleeping a whole lot better and waking up in the morning feeling fresh. Thank you.
Jonathan, sleep

 The pain in my wife’s foot has improved to the extent that she started jogging again, and that is a plus point.
Dave,wife, pain (sports injury)

My joints in my fingers literally crippled me, I couldn’t paint, sew or even open a bottle of water. My right index and middle finger were completely useless; I couldn’t even bend them. The pain was so severe that some days I literally thought I could chop off my own fingers if the pain would just subside. I was given so much medication, including steroids, anti-inflammatory and pain killers for days but nothing worked. In fact, all it did was upset my stomach so badly that the doctor had to give me something that is commonly used for stomach ulcers. I was eventually diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and told that there was nothing they could do, but that they could treat it with Chemotherapy, I almost had a stroke. Chemo? The doctors also offered to remove the joints which would leave the fingers crippled but at least I wouldn’t have pain. (REALLY). I’m 54 years old and I like to be active and I love my hobbies. I was not ready to quit on myself. I decided there and then to do some serious homework and research on alternate medication. I came across many views about cannabis and I decided I had nothing to lose so I tried it. After a few “dodgy” bottles of cannabis, I eventually found MCDSA and I got really good advice from them. They made me do more research, warning me to not just buy out of desperation, but to make sure that I knew what I was going to be putting into my body. I have been taking the THC/CBD for 2 months now and the results have been nothing short of AMAZING. The swelling is down, I can totally bend my fingers, I can literally make a fist which I haven’t been able to do for years. The pain is totally manageable, and is getting less and less as I slowly increase my dosage. For me this has been a miracle I do not take any tablets anymore and I feel so much better, I am excited about living now. I was always in so much pain that I became depressed, the thought of not being able to do the simplest of tasks, like opening a bottle of water was really getting to me. I just want to share this with everyone who is suffering needlessly, and I urge you to research properly because before I found MCDSA I had a few dodgy bottles, where the cannabis was mixed with other ingredients so it would coagulate. Taking this strain of cannabis has totally changed my life and I would like to thank MCDSA for the great advice and for always following up to see how it’s going with me.
Zita; crippling arthritis

 My Mother has made a drastic improvement since using them, her Dr. is as flabbergasted as the rest of us! The fractured hip went from 65% healed after 9 months, to 90% healed less than three months after she started the treatment! She is no longer in constant pain, her quality of sleep has improved, she is a much happier person all round.
Thank you, so very much!
Jonathon, mother; pain

From severe Osteoporosis, my spine is starting to crumble and from a massive fall whilst in hospital last year two vertebrae were damaged and impacted into each other. The surgeon did a Kypherplasty which stopped further damage but from then on the pain in my back has been relentless and agonising. No painkillers have helped at all and it was only after I started taking the cannabis oil that I have had any relief.
Barbara; Osteoporosis

 I was diagnosed with IBS in 2013. I thought my hell will never come to an end! After years of crying and praying I started with the Cannabis oil. After about 3 days of using the Cannabis, my stomach was back to normal. I am in my second month now and I really have my old life back! I will never stop using it!
Driekie, IBS

Just to let you know that my Dad has improved markedly. He started on Friday and today, only five days later is walking upright, is not in pain and his mood has improved considerably. We are delighted.
Kate, father, pain, limited mobility

 I am so happy with the way the cannabis oils, THC and CBD tinctures work and it has been so good not to be in constant pain all the time. The drops work immediately and I have found them to be easy to take.
Lauren, pain

I have been battling with MS for the past six years. I was originally diagnosed 15 years ago, but my illness started progressing, and it got to the point where I battled to get out of bed. The chronic fatigue was so bad I even contemplated resigning from my job, as I was unable to get to work. I also found that using all the medicine prescribed by my neurologist had unpleasant side effects. Since I started with the oils, my body can fully recover from exercise. I have not had one day of any chronic fatigue symptoms. For the first time in years, I have my quality of life back! I exercise three times a week, and have more than enough energy to cook properly, which means I eat healthier as well. To say that these oils have turned my life around completely is an understatement! I don’t need any of the medication (cortisone, Neurontin and other epileptic drugs that were prescribed to me to manage my MS attacks and spasms in my arms and legs), and don’t need to battle with the unpleasant side effects of these drugs. I would like to say a massive thank you. You have no idea how much my life has improved since taking the oils, and I never want to go without them again! I am very impressed with MCDSA.
Eve, MS

 Its actually for my father and it has made a big difference to his morale. Its helping his appetite as well as his sleep patterns as he was struggling with both before. I think he also enjoys the little buzz he gets when he takes it in the late afternoon! My mother says he is much more communicative and tensions have eased in the household. He also rubs some on his skin cancer and says it has helped reduce/ eliminate the nodules. So that’s all the visible effects – I’m sure there are a lot of benefits happening in the background too.
Clayton, father

I bought the CBN oil 10 days ago and haven’t taken a single sleeping tablet since then for the first time in 3 years.
Auguste, Insomnia, sleep

 Of all the medication, I have to use for Crohn’s and its various complications, your CBD and THCA cannabis oils are the only medicine that has absolutely zero negative side effects on my body. That is practically unheard of for me. Since starting with the oils, my intense anxiety and suicidal thoughts are almost completely gone. The chronic diarrhea I’ve struggled with for about 2 months – practically keeping me housebound – are at least 80% better. I’ve actually had about 4 or 5 “normal” days since using the oils…normal meaning no bloating, diarrhea, anxiety, cramps or fatigue. Amazing!
Alice, Crohn’s

My son has been taking a CBD tincture since roughly mid-March with great success. His last seizure was in February.
Annwyn, son seizures

 Firstly, I just want to say that the oils have really helped so much! I have not taken any painkillers in the last month and no sleeping tablets!
Christy, pain

My son is taking CBD oil and he is a happy thriving child, the boy I remember from 5 years ago, without the melt downs, impulsivity and anxiety. Thank you for your product and amazing service. God bless you.
Lynda, son behaviour

 My son 12 has Tourette’s. We have been giving him THCA 4 drops 3 times a day. It has made a big difference to his OCD, tics, anxiety, and depression. It does not cure but made a HUGE difference. Jack is back in control!!! And we are so grateful.
Elize, son, tourette’s

The CBD tincture combined with the THC tincture has had an amazing effect on relieving my mother’s headaches as well as the arthritic pain she has been suffering. Having suffered headaches for two years without relief, she is over the moon to have found something that works without all the nasty side effects. We are stoked!
Kevin, headaches, pain

 My son 12 has Tourette’s. We have been giving him THCA 4 drops 3 times a day. It has made a big difference to his OCD, tics, anxiety, and depression. It does not cure but made a HUGE difference. Jack is back in control!!! And we are so grateful.
Dominic, nerve pain

My daughter Amy, has now been on it for a couple of days and its remarkable! Her screaming has stopped almost immediately. She is dramatically calmer and seems to be sleeping much better. It may be too soon to get excited but i am hugely encouraged already.
Scott, daughter, retts syndrome

Have been off sleeping tablets since then and sleeping much better.
Helga, sleep, insomnia

Firstly, the cannabis oils you sent to my mother for her pain with cancer has helped extremely well. She is without pain – I know nothing can be done about the cancer but keeping her pain free is wonderful.
Sue, mother, cancer symptoms (pain).

As a member of the public who had spinal surgery in Dec 2016: the CBN product enables me to sleep pain free and has helped me get my life back after 4 months of waking up in pain.
Will, pain, sleep insomnia

I had stage IV lymphoma (non hodgkins) and after 6 months on cannabis oil I have been cancer free for 4 years. I’m loving life! 
Hylton, cancer survivor

Three months ago our 18-month-old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia. Up until now we have been living in the hospital but thanks to cannabis oil we are now able to go home. 
Chavez, cancer parent

I was scheduled for surgery 5 months ago when I thought I would try the cannabis oil. I no longer need the surgery or the cortisone.
Gareth, Crohn’s sufferer

My sinus infections are doing so much better. The inflammation above my brows is about 50% cleared. I can literally feel my sinus canal opening up.
Delano, sinus infections

Harvey has been on the CBD tincture for 3 weeks now. It has had remarkable results in terms of mobility and sounds and interactive-ness. The change was within 24hrs of taking the CBD tincture.
Debra, mother of Harvey, West syndrome

I am getting better every day. After 1 month I am fever-free. My pain level went down to the point that I am able to walk a bit without severe pain and my wrists are recovering too. Very happy about the outcome.
Anja, Arthritis and liver problems

In short all I can say is that my mom and I are astonished (positively blown away) by your product! The quality of your product and your professionalism is absolutely amazing! Cannot begin to explain what an incredible difference it has already made! She’s off the OTC pain killers! She is sleeping better than she has in very very many years. The bumps/lumps on her legs disappeared, the pain is gone, her thoughts are clearer, she feels less anxious, more calm, her appetite improved, blood pressure has improved etc.
Mienkie, mum, pain, sleep, and …

Christopher has less seizures when he takes them. I stopped for a few weeks and seizures increased.
Alice, son, seizure control

I just want to say that the balm is absolutely fantastic.  I do not get any breakouts on my skin anymore and if I do get, with the balm it is gone within 2 days (in actual fact within 24 hrs).
Joey, Skin condition

Zante is responding very well to the oils. He is in and out the hospital for chemo treatments the same day opposed to 5 days’ recovery from the session. His pain is also gone. Can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work.
Michelle, Zanta’s mother, cancer treatment

Thank you so much, the oils really helped initially for pain management and inflammation. Later on for overall healing.
Linda, post op and general health wellbeing

I don’t have words to describe the change in my grans life, from the day she started with the CBD and THC. Her pain (back and neck, that is full with arthritis) drastically reduced, she sleeps better, eat better, walk better, happy again, laughing for the first time in a year and half, after her only daughter passed away (only), hear better, more relaxed, no so extremely worried. I am so happy to have found this oils.
Nicolas, gran, arthritis and pain management

Due to the amount of pain killers I was on to get through the day, I looked for alternatives and found the MCD products. I use THC and CBD. I have found that the products help reduce the inflammation in my neck and shoulder areas. I was much calmer – being in pain can make on extremely agitated. Overall, I am happy with the products I am using and will continue using this on a regular basis. I have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms over the period I stopped taking it. So I can say the THC and CBD are safe and effective in treating pain and inflammation. The added benefit I got was that I am calmer and function more like my old self before I injured my spine. If you have chronic pain, I would recommend giving the MCD products a try.
Sharona, chronic pain

She is so much stronger and feels much better. She is able to walk around now and is not bedridden.
Mike, aunt, chemo & cancer symptoms

I just wanna say, all the cancer marks from my Gran’s face is gone, only left with little pink marks and still disappearing, unbelievable!
Nicolas, gran, skin cancer

The oils really been worth the money spent. My Bull Terriers are not so itchy as before they have stopped biting their paws and scratching. I now don’t give them cortisone anymore and my one bully is getting better with his infection and he has been on antibiotics for 4 months with very little improvement, now no more medication from the vet. The oil works just fine.
Jonathan, dogs, skin, pain

My sinus infections cleared completely after years of suffering. No more high blood pressure. No more depression. I can write 2 pages, but the above was my main problems however, I find the cannabis CBD Oil working for everything.
Rita; HBP, sinus, depression

My Dad has since passed away but with the help of the oil he had a much-improved final 2 months. When we arrived back in Cape Town to see him, he looked like a dead man walking. We started him on the cannabis oils and within 3 days, he was a different person. I cant even explain the difference in him. He had more energy, his appetite returned and looked like he was getting better rather than worse. His quality of life improved dramatically. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and advice. I will be recommending the oil to each and every person who will listen.
Kerry, father; terminal cancer

Diagnosis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Fibromyalgia, because these diseases have many of the same symptoms, including muscle and joint paint, I can never tell which is causing the pain. After living with chronic pain for more than five years and relying on a range of ineffective muscle relaxants (Baclofen, Lyrica, etc) and anti-inflammatory meds like Xefo and having to cope with the severe side effects of the medication including an ulcer I finally found MCDSA! CBD oil relaxes my muscles and makes them feel like marshmallows! The pain levels are turned down a considerable number of notches and best of all the muscle relaxing effects of CBD oil lasts longer than conventional meds and there are no side effects. If only I’d had access to CBD oil sooner I might not have lost so many days lying in bed in excruciating pain and feeling helpless. Now I have a new lease on life. Thank you MCDSA for taking the risk on behalf of everyone who needs this life saving plants benefits so badly. You have my sincere and utmost appreciation and gratitude.
Soraya; Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Fibromyalgia

Just wanted to let you know how my golden retriever Elvis’s skin lesions are drying out and shrivelling and or flattening out with using the Topical Balm. Changes were noticeable after 5 days and we are on Day 19- thank you so so very much.
Tanya, dog; cancer tumours

The oils work great; I haven’t had a migraine since I started on the drops and also i don’t take painkillers unless I don’t have my drops with me. I also didn’t get the “high” feeling.  I would recommend it to anyone who has any severe pain conditions. It does help and as long as it does I’ll continue using them. Thank you MCDSA!
Kylie, migraines, pain

She seems to have a lot less pain, no more of the “restless legs” and sleeps right through the night. Her urine is also a lot clearer than it used to be. Definitely an improvement on the bladder inflammation as well the way I see it. And a good appetite as well. A definite change in her behavior and interaction with others. I’m convinced she suffered a bit from depression as well. So it’s a big thumbs up from me.
Willie, mother; pain

My brother has Parkinson’s. He has been on the CBD and THC tinctures for approx. 2 months now. There was an immediate effect after the drops which resulted in improved gait, reduced spasticity in his arm and his facial expression and clarity of speech improved most dramatically of all. Thank you so much for your effective medicine.
Craig, brother, Parkinson’s

I have battled with sleep problems for many years. I am finally able to get a good night’s rest using CBN oil. MCDSA’s product is wonderful. Thanks so much. Blessings upon blessings.
Alta, sleep

My mom started using the tinctures on Thursday evening. At that point she was battling with severe diarrhoea, pain and her colon was starting to narrow. It is now Tuesday morning, so four days later and the diarrhoea has stopped, she has virtually no more pain and the knobs that are usually palpable when her colon starts to narrow are almost completely gone. This is nothing short of a miracle product and as a family we are so very grateful. Many many thanks.
Chantel, mum, Crohn’s

Hi there, he says he can really feel a difference. Sleeps better, less tired and less tremors. So happy about that!
Elouise, father, Parkinson’s

Must say on Friday I really was getting ready to put her down but since then we have made some real strides , today she has been taken off everything other than the drops and a cortisone cream by her vet . Really hopeful at this stage ! Paws still bleeding a little but swelling has come down a lot . Size wise feet are looking pretty normal.
Alan, dog (Woofie), cancer

Since he use these tincture drops. He don’t need to inject himself in the mornings with insulin for diabetes. Before the drops he use to inject him every morning. and now he only injects him in the evening sometimes.  We only give him 3 drops in the mornings and evenings. Now that the drops are finish you can see his sugar level is high again and he must inject himself.
Rozanne, dad, diabetes

The pain is mostly around the wound from the spinal fusion as well as referred neural pain down my right leg. It is just amazing how well the cannabis oil works. The two hours between taking it and falling asleep are my favorite hours of the day.
William, pain

Since using these products combined with conventional medicine I don’t think I’ve had anything remotely approaching a stomach cramp and have been in complete remission from my Cohn’s Colitis.
Matt, Cohn’s

The cannabis oil is really helping a lot with the pain as I have not taken any pain killers or the Fibromyalgia medications and I have been managing ok. the pain is still there but much less than normal.
Hassen, pain

I trust that your marijuana oils are good because I feel good.  Improved low blood pressure, more energy, sleeping better, better disposition and mood. My metabolism has improved and I feel very relaxed.

I suffer from chronic illness that is, so far of an unknown origin, generically termed “chronic fatigue syndrome” or ME. Using a combination of CBD and THC oils, I’ve by no means been cured, but it has really helped to improve my daily quality of life. I have noticed that I’m definitely better on the oils!
Brent, ME

The CBN really work for a good night sleep. Takes about 60-90 min to kick in….but then I sleep for the next 6 hours. Previously couldn’t get past 03:00 in the mornings. Thanks.”
George, sleep

I gave dad 3 drops around 7pm last night. By 12pm I could identify that his hearing and eyesight had improved, he had better work selection and was using more advanced vocabulary. His reasoning had improved as well as his memory and recollection. We had a chat for around 30min and he even cracked a joke. When Chris saw him this morning she said that he was more lucid, had more strength and was more stable on his feet – she almost Couldn’t believe it. Thank you so much for the drops, with Gods grace he will continue to improve as we get the other drops. This really is a remarkable improvement within a short space of time and we are really looking forward to seeing how well the other drops work.
Guy, father, dementia, health

I’d just like to say I’m actually astounded by the results of the oil. Yesterday I felt like an 80 year old woman, with aches and pains and not even being able to sit up straight. Today Is the first day in two weeks that I have some relief. I actually couldn’t remember what it is to be pain free. I do have a bit of a twinge here and there but overall, I’m good. I will definitely be ordering this for my mum and dad. Thank you so much. X
Natasha, pain

My 86 year old Mother suffered horribly from osteoarthritis and the pain that goes with it.  Deep research brought me to MCDSA.  They stand separate from the “fly-by nights”.  My Mother has been taking her drops religiously for the past 6 months.  There was a visible improvement after 6 weeks only.  Her pain is gone and her life quality has improved exponentially
Kobus, mother, osteoarthritis

George, sleep, insomnia

I contacted you a while ago regarding my dog having quite bad arthritis in his hips and knees Pepper’s been on 4 drops of THC|CBD oil 2x per day for the past 2 weeks and I’ve reduced it to 3 drops this morning. He is doing amazingly well, he is running around like he always used to.  For quite some time, he was lying down and sleeping most of the time, but now he is back to his old busy and silly self.
Monique, dog, arthritis