The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

In short, the Entourage Effect is the theory that the Cannabis plant as a whole works together to create a desired therapeutic effect. This includes not only the cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, but also includes plant type (Sativa, Indica, Hybrid) as well as terpenes and other compounds and how they react when used together. Raphael Mechoulam is a scientist

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The Entourage Effect

CBD (the cannabinoid that has demonstrated significant reductions in epileptic seizures in some users, particularly children) doesn’t do so well in the human system without other compounds native to cannabis. This symbiotic relationship, between CBD and other cannabinoids like THC, CBC, CBG and others is called the “entourage effect”. The term was theorized by Israeli researcher Raphael Mechoulam in 1999.

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Why CBD Is Not Enough: The Entourage Effect

Several states have or are in the process of legalizing cannabis extracts, typically oils, high in cannabidiol (CBD) and very low in THC. Because these medicines lack THC (the cannabinoid in marijuana that produces the euphoric high), conservative politicians have been much more willing to embrace this approach to medical marijuana. However, there are dozens of other cannabinoids and terpenoids (terpenes)

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Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts More Medically Effective than CBD Alone

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been the focus of many medical cannabis studies, and continues to prove itself as a powerful anti-inflammatory drug. What makes CBD even more desirable for some patients is that it does not cause the psychoactive effects associated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). An extremely interesting study (Overcoming the Bell-Shaped Dose-Response of Cannabidiol by using Cannabis Extract Enriched in Cannabidiol) was

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Cannabis’ Entourage Effect: Why THC- and CBD-Only Medicines Aren’t Good Enough

Take a close look at your cannabis buds. They’re covered in a sticky dusting of crystal resin, which contains hundreds of therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenoids. We assume you’re well acquainted with THC and CBD, but these are just two among many important players working together to produce specific effects. This interactive synergy between marijuana compounds has been

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Medical Marijuana: Much More Than Just THC and CBD

For years now Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been the most popular and widely researched cannabinoid in cannabis science. However, nowadays it seems like cannabidiol (CBD) has stolen the spotlight given its ability to provide therapeutic relief to children suffering from various epileptic disorders, while lacking the psychotropic effects (i.e. high) of THC. It’s even gotten to the point that state legislature are

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