Stroke Victims Turn to Medical Cannabis

What is a stoke? A stroke occurs when a blood vessel bursts in the brain or if a blood vessel to the brain is obstructed, restricting oxygen to the brain. This oxygen deprivation means cells in your brain will die within minutes. This leads to balance and movement problems, cognitive deficits, depression, language problems, learning disabilities, memory loss, paralysis, seizures,

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Treating Strokes with Cannabis Oil

This treatment guideline is to be used for products, cannabis oils, that are only endorsed by Medical Cannabis Dispensary. The guide is to be used by people that have suffered a stroke. Most of the people we treat choose the cannabis oils we endorse over conventional western medicines that have let them down. No one likes to get high! If the oils

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ischemic stroke

Cannabis May Protect Neurons and Improve Motor Recovery During an Ischemic Stroke, Finds Study

A new study published in the Journal of Neurochemistry, and published online by the U.S. National Institute of Health, has found that cannabis may protect neurons and greatly improve motor recovery during an ischemic stroke. An ischemic stroke is caused by damage to the brain due to an interruption of its blood supply. “Brain ischemia produces neuronal cell death and

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