It’s Not All About Getting High

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the primary ingredient in medical cannabis, cannabis oil, responsible for the high. THC also has a wide range of medical benefits, and is reported to relieve pain, nausea, and depression, among many other things. 7 Facts about THC THC was discovered in 1964. THC was first isolated and synthesized from the cannabis plant by a scientist in

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Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

What is THC THC is one of a host of chemicals called cannabinoids within the cannabis plant that can influence how we feel pain, how we perceive our surroundings, and how our bodies cope with inflammation. In the human brain, THC works by binding with cannabinoid receptors on the brain’s neurons. These receptors affect how neurotransmitters (the chemicals responsible to

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MCDSA Endorses Icharos Cannabis Oil Products in South Africa

MCDSA endorses only the very best medical grade cannabis oil products in South Africa. Icharos products are exactly that; medical grade cannabis oil concentrates made from organic buds/flowers only using the latest technology’s. Icharos Tinctures Cannabis oil concentrate is mixed with a carrier liquid (MCT) to increase absorption. Tinctures are 1000mg (1:10) 500 drops per bottle, and are available in

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The A to Z of Understanding Cannabinoids

The Endocannabinoid System You’ve heard of the nervous system, circulatory system and the digestive system, but your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) is probably something you aren’t aware of. This is because the ECS was only recently discovered, and released to the public, within the last 30 years by an Israeli organic chemist and professor of Medicinal Chemistry Raphael Mechoulam, studying

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Dosing with Cannabis Oil High in THC

This treatment guideline is to be used for products, cannabis oils, that are only endorsed by Medical Cannabis Dispensary. The guide is to be used for treating ailments with cannabis oil high in THC. Most of the people we treat choose the cannabis oils we endorse over conventional western medicines that have let them down. No one likes to get high! If

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CBD Vs. THC: Why Is CBD Not Psychoactive?

Why is THC psychoactive and CBD is not? How can one cannabinoid alter the mind so profoundly, and the other seemingly not at all? When we’re talking about cannabis and psychoactivity, we’re dealing exclusively with CB1 receptors, which are concentrated in the brain and the central nervous system. The difference between THC and CBD comes down to a basic difference

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Cannabis Terpenes

5 Reasons Why Terpenes Are The Future

Five reasons why terpenes are the future of the cannabis industry. Your nose and taste buds are always looking for that aroma and flavor from the best cannabis products but with today’s sophisticated technology we are able to extract those compounds from the cannabis plant to offer new ways of cannabis consumption. The psychoactive effects of THC have been studied

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cannabinoid marijuana

What Are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a group of active compounds found in cannabis. While most cannabis users understand the relationship between THC and getting high, understanding the chemistry behind it is another thing. First and foremost, cannabis is all about cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are responsible for marijuana’s effects on the body — and the reason you get high. They’re also the reason why medical

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marijuana entourage effect

Cannabis’ Entourage Effect: Why THC- and CBD-Only Medicines Aren’t Good Enough

Take a close look at your cannabis buds. They’re covered in a sticky dusting of crystal resin, which contains hundreds of therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenoids. We assume you’re well acquainted with THC and CBD, but these are just two among many important players working together to produce specific effects. This interactive synergy between marijuana compounds has been

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7 benefits THC

7 Proven Medical Benefits of THC

Decades of research point to a variety of medical uses for this unique compound. THC, or tetrohydrocannabinol, is the most recognized ingredient in cannabis. It is best known for causing the high that you get from using marijuana. As a result, THC has also caused the most controversy surrounding the plant’s medical use, with many health professionals citing the high

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