marijuana entourage effect

Cannabis’ Entourage Effect: Why THC- and CBD-Only Medicines Aren’t Good Enough

Take a close look at your cannabis buds. They’re covered in a sticky dusting of crystal resin, which contains hundreds of therapeutic compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenoids. We assume you’re well acquainted with THC and CBD, but these are just two among many important players working together to produce specific effects. This interactive synergy between marijuana compounds has been

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7 benefits THC

7 Proven Medical Benefits of THC

Decades of research point to a variety of medical uses for this unique compound. THC, or tetrohydrocannabinol, is the most recognized ingredient in cannabis. It is best known for causing the high that you get from using marijuana. As a result, THC has also caused the most controversy surrounding the plant’s medical use, with many health professionals citing the high

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What Are Cannabinoids & How Can They Benefit Patients?

CBD has been found to give the most medical benefits of all the components found in medical cannabis. CBD can also decrease the social isolation characteristics introduced by THC. CBD have low psychoactive characteristics associated to it ranging from 0.1 – 12 percent. Studies have show CBD’s particular medicinal values: Helps control certain cancers Helps with controlling pain Stimulates bone

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