What is Medical Cannabis and How Can it Help Me?

Research has shown that cannabis is a valuable treatment aid for a wide range of challenging health conditions and symptoms. We know that humans have built-in endocannabinoid systems. These consist of cellular receptor sites, spread throughout various bodily systems, which are ready to bind with cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. The medicinal merit lies in the fact that our bodies are biologically tuned to interact with these naturally occurring plant compounds. Science is providing more and more evidence-based therapeutic benefits associated with medical cannabis consumption.

Medical Cannabis Dispensary South Africa: Passionate about science and medicinal benefits.

MCDSA is the country’s leading online resource for all your medical marijuana requirements. We take pride in providing our clients with the latest information and advice, based on up-to-date scientific research.

With decades of experience in cultivation and experimentation, our passionate approach to proven therapeutic benefits ensures that our clients receive the best possible advice, service and current information.

We only endorse whole-plant products of the highest quality, rich in cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Our highly trained team of staff have in-depth knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of all of the individual plant compounds. At MCDSA, we prioritise wellness, promote holistic health and endeavour to remove some of the unfounded stigma surrounding cannabis (we prefer not to use the word “dagga”). Health is our main goal, which we achieve through focused education and endorsing only premium products.

Our passionate approach has been rewarded with exceptional results. We have received much positive feedback from satisfied clients, who suffer from a variety of serious and challenging conditions - from cancer to autoimmune disease, autism, anxiety, pain and insomnia, to mention a few.

Contact us with any questions that you may have or browse through our Knowledge Centre for more information.

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Theresa, mother of autistic child
Shannon, MS sufferer
Jennifer, mother of a child with dravet syndrome.
Hylton, Cancer Survivor
Chavez, Cancer Parent
Gareth, Crohn’s sufferer.


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