Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Dementia
  • Huntington's Disease
  • Lewy Body Disease
  • Lou Gehrig's Disease
  • Motor Neuron Disease (MND)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Primary Lateral Sclerosis (PLS)
  • Prion Disease
  • Progressive Muscular Atrophy (PMA)
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

  • Neurodegenerative disease is an umbrella term for a wide range of conditions that cause progressive degeneration and death of neurons (nerve cells). The body is normally unable to replace damaged or dead nerve cells. This makes these complex conditions some of the most severely debilitating known to medicine, as they affect basic bodily functions and are usually incurable.

    These devastating diseases commonly affect the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), causing problems with movement, called ataxias, or mental functioning, called dementias. However, they can also affect the extremities, as is the case with muscular atrophy and motor neuron disease.

    Much about the root cause of neurodegenerative conditions is unclear. Their treatment solutions remain a scientific mystery and cannabis is no exception. However, the ability of cannabinoids to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system holds potential. By binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors on neurons, these compounds may prove to offer protective potential or at least safely manage certain symptoms. Many anecdotally reports are certainly in favour of this healing plant.


    • CBD Oil
    • THC Oil
    • THCA Oil
    • CBN Oil
    • THC Vape Concentrate

    Please contact us to begin your medical cannabis journey with specific dosing advice. As each person’s biochemistry, tolerance level and condition at hand are entirely unique, any advice that we give needs to be considerate and appropriate.

    Our clients have consistently chosen MCDSA-endorsed cannabis oil over conventional medicines that have let them down. We only advocate highly-concentrated medical-grade products, derived from marijuana plant flowers, which are far superior to over-the-counter, hemp-derived supplements.

    Visit our Product Guide for more information about each recommended product and further insight into the various cannabinoids that we recommend for treatment. Cannabis Oil explains everything you need to know about sourcing a high-quality product in South Africa.

    Our Knowledge Centre provides a world of information and is a fantastic starting point for educating yourself on all things medical cannabis.


    Always speak to your doctor when considering cannabis as a treatment aid. Take great care to safely store products and not expose children or pets unintentionally.

    THC products are psychoactive, causing one to become “high”. These are to be used with special caution in children, pets and persons prone to anxiety or stress. Depending on the unique situation, it may be appropriate to substitute THC with non-psychoactive THCA. CBN and 1:1 oils may also cause mild psychoactive effects.

    However, if products are used correctly, it may be possible to avoid the psychoactive effect entirely. Should you feel uncomfortable or have any questions at any time, our trained team of staff are on standby to attend to your concerns.


    The information on this page applies to cannabis products endorsed by MCDSA only. Any information, advice or recommendations depicted on this page, relating to the usage of products, or medical conditions or symptoms, is subject to’s disclaimer.


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