Decriminalise Dagga, says Central Drug Authority in ‘bold step’

The Central Drug Authority has taken a definitive position on the use of dagga, and has called for it to be decriminalised.
Jun 02, 2016

CDA Head researcher Professor Dan Stein says their opinion is based on evidence studied over time in different countries.

Stein explains that the CDA’s stance falls between commercialisation and staunch criminalisation.

We’re saying let’s move away from a ‘war on drugs’ thinking, but let’s not go completely towards commercialisation until we have a better idea using data.

— Professor Dan Stein, Head of CDA Research Committee

Meanwhile, pro-dagga activist Myrtle Clarke has welcomed the announcement, and what she calls a rational statement and “bold step”.

It’s the most positive thing that has ever come out of the Central Drug Authority… It’s pointing in the right direction.

— Myrtle Clarke, Managing Director of ‘Fields of green for all’

Clarke says that critics need to realise that dagga use is not the same as dagga abuse.


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