The Story of Charlotte’s Web: CBD Medical Cannabis & Children

Charlotte’s Web is a high CBD strain that contains virtually no THC. As a medicinal strain, Charlotte’s Web has been used successfully to treat a variety of medical conditions, from PTSD to epileptic seizures. It’s rapidly becoming the strain of choice for those who are interested in medication without any psychoactive effects.
Nov 12, 2017

The Origins of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web was developed in 2011 by Colorado-based growers, the Stanley Brothers, for a young girl named Charlotte, who suffered from severe and nearly continuous epileptic seizures (300 seizures a week). The Colorado-based growers were able to reduce the THC content of the strain while boosting its CBD, creating a product that has an extremely calming “body high” without any mental side effects. Charlotte’s seizures have been reduced from over a thousand to a handful a month. The strain itself has been additionally noted for having a “web like” appearance, with long, thick trichomes that wrap around its buds.

The development of Charlotte’s Web highlights many of the major benefits of CBD and cannabis within the medical community. Charlotte suffered from an epileptic disorder known as Dravet’s Syndrome, for which all other pharmaceutical treatments had been ineffective. Further, the pharmaceutical treatments that are available for Dravet’s all have significant side effects and lethal dosages – perilously dangerous for a small child. Comparatively, CBD has no known lethal dosage. For children in particular, treatment with CBD is both safe and effective.

The Benefits of High CBD Strains

CBD oil is rapidly gaining medical and legal acceptance beyond even medical marijuana itself. When stripped of THC, cannabis oil can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and diseases even in countries in which marijuana itself is still illegal. CBD has been studied for use in patients with everything from chronic pain to cancer, and its efficacy as a seizure preventative is now well-documented.

It is important to note that the grower of the strains does matter – Growing medical cannabis plants is an art as it is a science. While positive public attention on “Charlotte’s Web,” has done much to help the movement to legalize medical cannabis, those of us on the inside know that it is nothing new or unique to Colorado. With the shift in focus from strains high in THC to those high in CBD, as with everything new improved high CBD cannabis and hemp varieties have been bred by the worlds best breeders and seedbanks and are available to the general public, sold on the world wide web, with others being strictly controlled and grown under commercial licenses only.

MCDSA endorses oils high in CBD as we see it as an incredibly effective and safe treatment for many including children. Please note CBD products sold in health shop are nutrient supplement as the packaging correctly states. They do not have enough THC, 0,025% to render the CBD effective, this is referred to as the entourage effect.

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