Medical cannabis oil treatments

Medical Cannabis Oil Treatment Guidelines

Medical Cannabis Dispensary, South Africa (MCD) has a selection of cannabis oil products, CBD, THC, THCA and CBN which are used to treat various ailments and or conditions.

For most conditions, MCD suggest using tinctures. Tinctures allow for micro-dosing enabling one to find their optimal dosages without the need for getting high. Each drop contains of cannabis oil concentrate. Tinctures are available in THC, THCa, CBD and CBN cannabis oil concentrates. Tinctures are (1:10), 1000mg of cannabis oil concentrate mixed with MCT and presented in a 12ml glass dropper top bottle. They contain no alcohol and are child friendly if used correctly.

THC, THCA and CBD is also available in various accurately pre-dosed, .mg, capsules. Each capsule contains the labelled cannabis oil concentrate dosage and is mixed with MCT for easy absorption. Capsules can be made up on special request to suit any and all “circumstances” and conditions.

Suppositories allow for very high dosing of THC cannabis oil concentrates from the onset, without the need for gradually building up a tolerance. THC suppositories are relatively non-psychoactive and used in the treatment of cancer mainly. Standard suppositories are 500mg THC cannabis oil concentrate but can be made up to suit any and all “circumstances” and conditions.

General dosing instruction for THC (Delta 9) products, THCa productsCBD products and CBN products.

Sadly this world is not fair and children suffer from the same ailments and conditions as adults do, read more about treating children.

Your loved ones are no different from us and can be treated using the oils too. Dosages are obviously adjusted to take into consideration their size. For treating your pets please see cannabis oil dosages for pets.

MCD only endorses medical grade Co2 based cannabis oil concentrates made from organic cannabis flowers only. MCD does not endorse questionable black goo in syringes.  MCD strongly suggests reading the following articles, Cannabis Oil is Available in South Africa and Cannabis Oil in South Africa before making any purchases. An educated decision is always better than one made in desperation. Read a detailed explanation of why medical grade cannabis oil is so expensive. See what other people have to say about the products MCD endorses on the testimonial page.